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Bandas Vol 3

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Mexican/Spanish Music Videos, Vol. 3 by Micki Wendt

Don't let the girly bar scenario in this video fool you.  The singer tells us how he knows he's lost and cursed, and dying without his true love, whom he is still thinking about amidst all the bar scene craziness.  Here is Ando Bien Pedo, Bien Loco (I'm drunk, going crazy) by Los Recoditos, featuring Luis Angel on passionate vocals.

Cumbia is a hypnotic and very danceable style of music from Colombia, but is also enjoyed all over Mexico, especially in the regions where it is too hot to dance to the very up-tempo banda music of the north.  The following video is like a travelogue of beautiful places in southern Mexico.  Here is Margarita, The Goddess of Cumbia singing Esta Vida (This Life...is so pretty).

Broken hearted romantics abound in Mexican music, which is often romantic to the core, whether happy or sad.  The video tells the story.  Featured is Seleccion MX, singing "Ojala" and dancing in their unique style.  I hope they let their hair grow out for their next video...

Mexican "Reggaeton" or hip hop is usually a lot kinder on the ears than the Northern type.  Here is "Nigga" cheerfully and melodically singing Te Quiero (I love you).  Apologies to anyone who is offended by his chosen stage name, which obviously has a different connotation in Mexico.  Enjoy... (may start with a pattern...wait for video to load)

If you like to dance to Salsa music, you'll like this next song, so get up out of your chair as soon as you click on this video by the very popular Cuisillos, wearing their typical Azteca face paint and costumes, and featuring one of their younger singers.

Banda Limon, has had many hits and videos over the years.  Here is a lovely, heart-rendering ballad celebrating the story of their founder, Salvador Lizarraga, one of the noted Lizarraga clan who spawned so many great bandas from Sinaloa.   Enjoy  Derecho de Antiguedad (Straight from Antiquity).

The next song features an unusual fusion of banda and  mariachi, with violins added along with acoustic guitar.  Enjoy the handsome vocalist, Yani Camerena, singing Mi Pensamiento Favorito (My Favorite Feeling), which is obviously romance.  Mexico has lots of romance, something the Northern Cultures are quite short of.

No collection of Mexican music would be complete without at least one selection from Vicente Fernandez, arguably the Most Famous Man In Mexico, and, many say, the greatest ranchera (a style closely related to mariachi) singer of them all.  Here, he sings - La Tragedia del Vaquero (The Tragedy of the Cowboy).  I won't give away the plot, but go grab a kleenex before you watch.

Hope you enjoyed the videos, and if you are new to this feature, don't forget to check out previous collections archived below.

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I hope you have enjoyed these videos as much as I do.

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