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In Case of Rain Emergency

In Case of Rainy Season Emergencies

Report Fallen Trees, Landslides, Flooding to:
Civil Protection-Fire Dept 766-5252 or 766-3615
Chapala Police Dept 765-4444

Traffic Accidents
SVT State Traffic Police: 765-4747

Cruz Roja Chapala: 065 or 765-2308

Jalisco All Emergency Hotline: 066

Utility Failures
CFE Electric Commission: 071
Telmex Phone Company:050

Chapala Gov't Website

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Did you ever wonder what might happen if you suddenly could not take care of yourself or your household and family affairs? FREE info for you.


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Ajijic Movie Schedule

Plaza Bugambillias Movie Theatre in Ajijic

Plaza Bugambillias
Carr, Oriente #54-C
Ajijic  766-3729 / 766-0438
For Plaza Bugambilias Movie Schedule, Click Here

MovieSpace Cinema @ Centro Laguna Shopping Center Across from Walmart Ajijic
For MovieSpace Movies, Click Here

Jalisco MX Traffic Offense and Fine Schedule

Click here for the Jalisco MX Traffic Offense and Fine Schedule, gratefully submitted by Spencer. (PDF File)

Lost or Found Pet

Lost or Found a Pet? Please check out Classifieds Section Ajijic Lost and Found Pets

Genealogy Workshops in Ajijic
Ajijic Genealogy Workshop of Lakeside

Ongoing monthly meetings: the LAST Monday of each month from 2-4 in the SALA AT LCS in Ajijic
Monthly mini lectures of help to beginners or more advanced participants.

BEGINNERS PACKET AVAILABLE at each meeting. Lectures ready as email attachments

Knowledgeable people available by apt.
For more info, contact: Pat Quigley

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Casa Blanca Hotel Ajijic

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Ajijic News

Ajijic News

Ajijic City Guide

Ajijic City Guide

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Current Satellite View of Mexico
Current Cloud and Storm Activity
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Mexico Weather, from Weather Underground.
Regional Climate Maps of Mexico, from U.S. NOAA.
Tropical Weather and Hurricanes
Severe Mexico Weather Notifications
Lake Levels for Lake Chapala

Semana Santa Ajijic Passion Play

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Monthly Ajijic Columns For April 2014

Bill Clarke...Short 4500 word horror/suspense story placed on our own Ajijic Streets. "Wormwood"...Read More...Click Here

Bill Dollear...Winter...Read More...Click Here

Dr. Tom... How to Identify Lakeside Birds ... Read More...Click Here

Raising Monarch Butterflies ... Read More...Click Here

Conchita by Micki...There is no one more deserving of a little free publicity for her business than Conchita, the Blanket Weaver. You've probably already passed by her - patiently sitting and weaving, in the ancient tradition of her people, at her special spot down by the lake in Ajijic near Yves' Restaurant. Many days go by when she doesn't sell a thing, as other weavers/sellers like Elena in the Plaza also tell me...Read More...Click Here

Health..Red Wine For Good Health.... Read More ....Click Here

Drink of the Month..Easter Egg...Read More...Click Here

Plant Lady...What Grows When in Lakeside ...Read More...Click Here

History of Mexico...Long before the Spanish discovered the “New World,” Asian nomads and explorers had migrated to the Americas and developed some of the most impressive civilizations that the world has ever known...Read More...Click Here

Tennis Article by Jill Flyer...I wrote the article in English (because my Spanish is not sophisticated enough to write an article) and then it was translated into Spanish.  But, then meanings were skewed and so, because I do know enough Spanish to read quite well, we went through several edits to get everything correct.  Many people here in Ajijic were mentioned in the article, so I hope everyone who reads Spanish can enjoy this.  The theme, of course, is tennis in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area. Article Starts on Page 6....Read More...Click Here

Photography with Jill Flyer..In a traditional Mexican wedding, there are two very different ceremonies, a religious mass (misa) and the civil ceremony....Read More...Click Here

FACHARTE...The intention for this important community project is to make our Ajijic into an internationally known 'living museum'....Click Here

If you would like to submit a column, just once or on a regular schedule, please contact us.

Calendar of Event Highlights Below!

For Comics, Click Here


Lake Chapala Society Ajijic

Open Circle begins each Sunday Morning @ LCS with Coffee, Tea and Sandwich Bites at 10am for socializing and the presentation begins at  10:30am gt (gringo time)

20 April David Krest


The listener will go away with new possibilities and options for recovering health in order to die peacefully with clarity of mind and with diminished or no pain, or to simply live a higher quality of life. Topics: Transformation of suffering. Freeing up forces for healing. The extent of our physical diet affects our state of mind and body. The phenomena of 'letting go' creates space for change. How living our dying enhances our lives.

More details in the AjijicNews Calendar





Food and Cake Sale Jaltepec Centro Educativo

Dear friends and supporter's of Jaltepec Centro Educativo,
The students are doing a fund raising effort on their own which you may find of interest if you are planning a party or need a cake for a special occasion.
Restaurants or large parties are invited to view the Jalte-Cakes for purchase of desserts by the 1/2 kg weight for 25 or 1 kg weight for 50 guests, cupcakes available in orders of 30 or 60.
Also available every Sunday will be one main Entree which will feed eight comfortably.  Please view Jalte-Food for this Sunday's special, which must be ordered by April 17th and will be available for pick up at Farmacia Guadalajara between 1 pm and 2 pm for your convenience.
Apologies for the short notice on this weeks special but I am recovering from a hip replacement and only now am able to tackle this project.  I hope to have the next four week Sunday Specials of Jalte-Food to you next week, which will give you the time to arrange your festivities or gatherings, accordingly.
Please share this email with your friends who would like to have a gathering without having to do the cooking!
Please call 01-387-763-1781 to place your order for Jalte-Food or Jalte-Cake.
Thank you for your support of these hard working students of Jaltepec Centro Educativo and their current fund raising project.


BLING networking group meeting
Date: Sat, Apr 26, 2014
Lakeside BLING is a community of international people living in the Lake Chapala area. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas and information, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.

3:00pm until 6:00pm

Maquina 245 carraterra chapala-joco 152, 45915 san antonio tlac

BLING Business Lakeside International Networking Group


Weaving Demonstration at Ajijic Plaza 12-4pm
 Apr 16 - 20th  2014
Anyone interested in demonstrations of weaving processes would love this five day opportunity to see master weavers on Ajijic Plaza April 16-20 from noon to 4pm.
Antonienta and Lucio Ruiz, famous for their use of the Carmine rich red dye, will demonstrate traditional Zapotec processes for making master level tapete (rugs):
Carding the washed wool to make it ready for spinning;
Spinning the carded fiber into yarn using a traditional Zapotec spinning wheel;

Dyeing yarn using centuries old knowledge & techniques with all natural colors made from insects & plants;
and Weaving the naturally dyed yarn into traditional master level patterns.

These Oaxacan guests have agreed to wear clothing traditional to their Valle Central Zapotec heritage.
Antonieta is conversant in Spanish.
LCS Bus Trip To Galeria Mall
Date: Thu, May 15, 2014
LCS Bus Trip To Galeria Mall, Includes Costco, sams, walmart and Mega.

Leaves At the La Floresta Sculpture 9:30 and Returns at 4 from Costco.

Tickets on sale at LCS 10-1 M-F 250 pesos
Holy Week starts Sunday, April 13th, Palm Sunday, with a small preview of the Passion Play as the scene of Jesus riding the donkey into town will be re-enacted with a large procession between 6 Corners and the San Andres church, past the plaza at 7:30pm. The street will be strewn with alfalfa (rather than palm fronds) and bougainvillea petals to honor the coming of Jesus. Please respect the tradition and do not walk on these special devotional decorations.

That day will also feature a fund-raising food fiesta in the plaza where you can buy unique fiesta foods, including the wonderful ponche de guayaba, and have a lovely, early dinner in the plaza before the lovely outdoor, sunset Mass at 8pm at the San Andres Church, if you like. There will be seating for around 1000 people.

Thursday evening. Maudy Thursday, April 17th the Passion Play will feature scenes of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, staged in upper Ajijic in the hills. There is no seating, only standing room. The Roman soldiers will come and take the Jesus character away, and a torch-lit procession proceeds down to the chapel in Ajijic for the final scenes that night.

The biggest day of the Passion Play is Good Friday on April 18th at 11am, where there will be a huge crowd at the Church for the final trial of Jesus and the procession leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus through upper Ajijic to the previous location. (Please note: the location of the Crucifixion scene has been changed in past years ( at the time of this writing it is not confirmed). The next 24 hours are a solemn time for observant Christians, which is most of the village, so please respect this tradition.

Saturday night, the 19th, there will be a late Mass and Easter service at 9pm,which features a beautiful Resurrection Scene. At the end of the Mass, there will be pealing church bells, fireworks and celebrating both in the Plaza and at family homes. In True Mexican Tradition, the Big Day is really the night before, like Christmas, and Sunday will be a quiet day of rest for most of the people, many of whom will continue with their vacation break for the next week.

Easter on April 20th begins the exodus of the northern seasonal visitors, as the weather heats up and things calm down, and we full-time residents look forward to the refreshing coolness and tranquility of the upcoming rainy season.

By micki wendt

The Beginning of our Fifth Season
Naked Stage
By Nagle Jackson
Directed by Georgette Richmond
The Cast: Mark Bennett, Amy Friend, Sandy Jakubek, Fred Koesling, Tina Leonard, Barbara Pruitt and Pamela Richardson
April 25th, 26th & 27th

4:00 p.m.
Donation $80 pesos
Bar opens at 3:00p.m; Box Office at 3:15 p.m.
The Naked Stage is located at #10 Rio Bravo behind Daniel's Restaurant.
Reservations are now ONLY by email at:

Spend Sunday in the Garden With friends and a Glass of Wine
Date: Sun, Apr 27, 2014

Lakesiders will have the opportunity to sip wine or sample tequila in the cool, lush gardens of the Lake Chapala Society on Sunday, April 27, 2 - 5 pm.

An admission price of $75 pesos will provide attendees with a restful Sunday afternoon. Wine merchants will have several varieties for sampling, including some outstanding Mexican wines. Tequila tasting will also be available, along with cheeses and other delicious nibbles for sampling.

The wine and tequila vendors will provide discount coupons on bottles and cases of their tasty spirits. Don't worry about carrying heavy cases of wine or tequila home, the coupons may be redeemed at La Paz Liquor store, next to Super Lake, after the event.

Tickets will be available at LCS  at the door on the day of the event.

Lakeksiders are encouraged to gather up their friends, family and neighbors and spend Sunday in the garden.

For more information contact:
Karen Cage
Lake Chapala bridge Club
Every Wed.
40 pesos

No reservations needed. Just come!

Format is a 30 minute lesson then 2 hours of Supervised play where you can ask questions and discuss hands.  Very low key...lots of fun.

More Info Here

The Delegado Advisory Committee has consistently done what it said it would do. The evidence is right in front of you. 

Contact us at or call Harry Bublin at 766-4282

The Ajijic Plaza Gazeba Rail and Caps around the planters have been finished. Thank you Lake Chapala Garden Club for your Generous Contribution!

If you have any projects for the committee contact Harry Bublin, Chairperson at 766-4282
Lakeside Spay and Neuter Center Adoption clinic on the 1st and 3rd Saturday's at the new pet store lakeside, Pet Care in Riberas Next to Magana Restaurant.

This is located a few doors east of Cafe Magana and the new Tepehua consignment store. Please visit them for your pet's needs, they are very well organized and the store reminds one of those north of the border. He has quite a variety of toys, beds, etc for your pets, he is still setting up and already has a vet and will have a groomer in the future. We will have pups and adult dogs for adoption. Lakeside Spay & Neuter Ranch etc will receive 10% of the purchases on those days. In addition, we will receive 10% of future sales if they mention the ranch.


Dog Agility Training

Our next Agility class will take place on
Sunday, May 5, 2014.

Time: 8:30 am.
Beginner and Advanced Classes

Please RSVP to Linda Hendy if attending: or call 376-106-1281

Location: Free Spirit Play Park, Ramon Corona 166, San Antonio Tlay

Cost: $200 pesos

Trainers with ClickerPets Mexico


JEOPARDY! at Bogart's Bar, inside Casa Blanca Hotel

JEOPARDY! at Bogart's Bar, inside Casa Blanca Hotel on 16 de septiembre across from LCS every Monday at 6pm.


Animal Drive Ajijic
Third Thursday of each month 10:30 - 1:30
With the cooperation and help of Geoffrey of the Animal Shelter, several members of Animal Buddies will be holding a food drive on Thursday from 10:30 - 1:30.


The municipality of Chapala is putting on Danzon classes in coordination with the Dept of culture and the Danza con Clase de Guadalajara. Sundays in the Ajijic Plaza at 5pm.  Classes will be taught in Spanish but there will be an English speaking interpreter.

Dance lessons at the Ajijic Plaza Sundays 5-7pm

Singles and couples welcome
Core Training with Jaime Barbiery Chapala
Please Reserve by calling the phone number below.
  • Class times M/F 10-11:15am
  • T/Th  4:30-5:45pm
  • Cost: 150p
We will work as a team to ensure you reach your goals.
Casa 766 3860
Cell 333 474 1192

See Core Training Video at
Core Training by Clicking Here

Ajijic News, Articles from Readers - Click Here

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Ajijic News Calendar

Apr 23

- A Circle of Men
- Alronzo Nava from 6 PM to 8 PM @ Los Telares
- Axixic Masonic Lodge #31 Meeting
- Bridge4Fun @ LCS
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Noe @La Bodega
- Open Stage Piano Rojo
- Real De Mexico @ El BarCo

Apr 24

- Relive the songs from The 50's & 60's American Bandstand
- Black Swan is playing The Beatles @ Azul Frida
- Black Swan playing The Beatles @ Azul Frida
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Jazz Nights at Hacienda del Lago
- Kayak Club Meeting

Apr 25

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- American Legion Post 7 Yard Sale
- Black Swan With Diamonds @ Azul Frida
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Daniel Cordero at Los Telares
- Los Pios @ La Bodega
- Naked Stage Taking Leave

Apr 26

- BLING networking group meeting
- Two Pedros Live Entertainment @ Mama's
- Black Swan with Diamonds @ Azul Frida
- Naked Stage Taking Leave

Apr 27

- Open Circle @ LCS 10:30
- Spend Sunday in the Garden With friends and a Glass of Wine
- Naked Stage Taking Leave

Apr 28

- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Open Gaming
- The Jam Band at El Bar Co
- Women's Cancer & Life Threatening

Apr 29

- All Night Jazz Quartet
- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- Black Swan is playing The Beatles @ Azul Frida
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Rotary Club of Ajijic Weekly Meeting

Apr 30

- A Circle of Men
- Alronzo Nava from 6 PM to 8 PM @ Los Telares
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery

May 1

- Black Swan is playing The Beatles @ Azul Frida
- Black Swan playing The Beatles @ Azul Frida
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Jazz Nights at Hacienda del Lago
- Sailing Get Together - 1PM at at Maria Isabel

May 2

- Golf Tournament Chula Vista Golf Course
- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- American Legion Post 7 Yard Sale
- Black Swan With Diamonds @ Azul Frida
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Daniel Cordero at Los Telares

May 3

- Black Swan with Diamonds @ Azul Frida

May 4

- Dog Agility Event

May 5

- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- LCS Mac Class
- Open Gaming
- The Jam Band at El Bar Co

May 6

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Rotary Club of Ajijic Weekly Meeting

May 7

- A Circle of Men
- Alronzo Nava from 6 PM to 8 PM @ Los Telares
- American Legion Post 9
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Estrella del Lago Chapter No. 10 Order of the Eastern Star

May 8

- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Jazz Nights at Hacienda del Lago
- Ninos Incapacitados General Meeting

May 9

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- American Legion Post 7 Yard Sale
- Core Training In Chapala Centro with Jaime Barbiery
- Daniel Cordero at Los Telares

May 12

- Open Gaming
- The Jam Band at El Bar Co

May 13

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- Los Ninos de Chapala y Ajijic General Meeting
- Rotary Club of Ajijic Weekly Meeting

May 14

- A Circle of Men
- Axixic Masonic Lodge #31 Meeting

May 15

- LCS Bus Trip to Galerias Mall and More
- Dog /Cat Food Drive
- Jazz Nights at Hacienda del Lago

May 16

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- American Legion Post 7 Yard Sale
- Writer's Group

May 19

- Culinary Art Society of Ajijic CASA Meeting
- LCS American History lectures
- Open Gaming
- The Jam Band at El Bar Co

May 20

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- Casas Carinosas, A. C. (Abbeyfield Homes) Monthly Board Meeting
- Lake Chapala Shrine Club
- Rotary Club of Ajijic Weekly Meeting

May 21

- A Circle of Men
- American Legion Post 9
- DAR Chapter, Thomas Paine

May 23

- Karaoke with Stan & Yvonne
- American Legion Post 7 Yard Sale
- Naked Stage Reading .. the Long Weekend


Free Spirit Play Park

Clicker Pets Dog Training


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